Ridding Your Home of Insects

  • No Vacancy: 3 Steps To Keep Roaches From Checking In This Summer

    5 June 2017

    Now that the weather has started to warm up, you're going to notice more bug activity in, and around, your home. One bug that you might start seeing more of is the common – but disgusting – roach. In fact, you might start seeing a lot of roaches, especially if you don't take a few evasive maneuvers ahead of time. Roaches spend a lot of time looking for the perfect home to vacation in during the summer.

  • Three Ways To Deal With A Mouse Infestation In Your Open Plan Studio Apartment

    21 May 2017

    A rodent infestation is never a pleasant thing to deal with, but it's even more of a bother if you're living in a studio apartment with an open floor plan. Your apartment is essentially one big room, and therefore the mice will always be roaming around your space. In a large 2-bedroom with a separate kitchen, the little rodents might scamper around the kitchen or living room while you're asleep. Of course you don't want this, but it's not going to be a constant source of drama.

  • Termite Trouble: Signs That It's Time To Call An Exterminator

    18 May 2017

    When you are a homeowner, there is always something going on. If you are concerned that you may have a problem with termites, further investigation by a pest control specialist needs to occur. You may start to see signs that you could have an infestation in your home, such as dropped wings, hollowed wood, or even mud tubes in crawl spaces in your home. While you might be able to determine that termites are your problem, you'll need the help of a professional to take care of the problem.

  • Tips For Keeping Rodents Under Control

    11 May 2017

    It doesn't matter if you live in the country or the city; you'll probably have to battle rodents at some point. Rodents are attracted to homes because of their warmth in the winter and the source of food, shelter, and water all year long. If you have fruit or nut trees in your yard, you may have a never-ending battle with the pests. Here are a few tips for keeping rodents under control.

  • Own A Log Home? Tips For Removing Termites And Repairing The Damage They Cause

    2 May 2017

    If you have a log home, you are most likely aware that it is more at risk of becoming damaged by termites. A small hole could cause major problems with rot within a log, which is not good for the exterior of your home. That's why you must know how to get rid of the termites and repair the damage they cause. Removing The Termites Use Bait You can deal with termites on the outside of your home by using a termite bait.

  • Simple Steps You Can Take To Help Keep Mice From Getting Inside Of Your Home

    11 May 2016

    If you live in a wooded area, your home is at risk of mice getting inside if proper steps are not taken to keep them outside. There are several ways one can make their home less attractive to these rodents. Try some of these precautionary methods in keeping mice from becoming a problem in your own house.   Tend To The Outdoor Areas To Minimize Numbers If you have a wood pile on your property, chances are mice and insects are burrowed in between the pieces to use as a safe haven.

  • Tips For Eliminating Bed Bugs Without Using Toxic Chemicals

    17 July 2015

    If you brought home unwelcome house guests from your last hotel stay, then you will be happy to know that bed bugs can be successfully eliminated without the use of any toxic chemicals. Follow these tips to eradicate the bed bug infestation in your home: Tip 1: Remove All Trash and Clutter Buy a box of large plastic trash bags and place any trash or unwanted items into the bags, seal them by tightly tying them, and place them immediately into your outdoor trash can.

  • 4 Ways To Get Rid Of Slugs In Your Garden

    2 July 2015

    After spending hours tending the flowers and shrubs in your garden, the last thing you want to see is slugs chewing holes in the leaves. Slugs are a problem for gardeners across the country, but fortunately, there are lots of ways to get rid of these pests. Here are four methods that you can try. Create beer traps Beer traps are a tried-and-true method of dealing with slugs. To create one of these traps, partially bury a glass or plastic container in the soil and fill it with beer.

  • Removing Gophers From Your Garden

    1 June 2015

    If you have noticed areas in your yard where large holes are dug into the ground, there is a very good chance that you have a gopher problem. Once a family of gophers invades your property, it will take a bit of work to remove them for good. Here are some tips to use for getting gophers out of your yard. Make A Deterring Spray There are a few substances that gophers prefer to avoid because of their odor.

  • Ants Trying To Set Up Home In Your House? Ways To Send Them On Their Way Out

    29 April 2015

    Ants are a nuisance and it is common for them to come into homes in the spring. It can be difficult to get rid of these pesky insects, but it can be done. Below are ways you can wage war against them, and have a home free from ants. Pest Control Company The quickest and easiest way to get rid of the ants is to call a local pest control company (such as Edmonton Exterminators Ltd).