Ridding Your Home of Insects

3 Steps for Fighting Against Bed Bugs

by Ted Miller

Bed bug bites are usually red, itchy, inflamed, and can be in a straight line. Simply put bed bug bites are not fun, and having a bed bug problem in your home is not something that is fun in the least bit. In fact there may be a chance that you or one of your family members are allergic to bed bugs. So, it is very important that the problem is addressed very quickly, and that the bed bugs are exterminated as soon as possible.

There are a few different steps to take when battling bed bugs. This article will cover a few steps to take to win the battle against bed bugs. 

Locate the Problem

One of the first things that you should do is isolate the problem. If you do not isolate where the problem is coming from, you may find that the bed bugs will spread through the entire home. Once you find the problem, isolate that room and do your best not to allow children or pets into that room as children and pets are a easy target for bed bugs, and allow the pests to spread through the home.

Seal & Kill

One of the most effective ways to kill bed bugs is to use heat treatment. Find the linens that are infected with bed bugs and put them in a plastic bag, and then seal this plastic bag. You do not want the bed bugs to be able to spread. Once you have the linens or clothing items sealed in a plastic bag wash the items in hot water.

Then, ensure you dry the items on high for at least 30 minutes. The heat from the dryer is one of the most effective ways to kill bed bugs. After you have put your linens through the dryer, clean the dryer, and repeat the process with any other linens in the infected room.

Diatomaceous Earth

While the linens are off the bed, and through the entire infested room, put diatomaceous earth in the room. Diatoms are a very small silica algae that can really do a number on bed bugs. The small sharp silica shells will actually puncture the exoskeleton of the bed bug and the bed bug will die from dehydration. This is another very effective way to kill bed bugs. Sprinkler diatomaceous earth through the entire room, and wait for a few days. Then vacuum up the remains of the bed bugs, and the diatomaceous earth. Be sure to throw away the vacuum bag. 

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