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Simple Steps You Can Take To Help Keep Mice From Getting Inside Of Your Home

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If you live in a wooded area, your home is at risk of mice getting inside if proper steps are not taken to keep them outside. There are several ways one can make their home less attractive to these rodents. Try some of these precautionary methods in keeping mice from becoming a problem in your own house.   Tend To The Outdoor Areas To Minimize Numbers If you have a wood pile on your property, chances are mice and insects are burrowed in between the pieces to use as a safe haven. Move any wood stacks away from direct view of your home. It is a good idea to stack the pieces on top of cinder blocks or bricks so these creatures are less likely to use the area for a home. Eliminate any standing water from your home’s property so mice do not have a drinking source to their advantage. If you have pets who eat outdoors, consider creating a penned-in area they can use for their feeding sessions and remove food dishes promptly after they eat so mice are not attracted to the scent of their meal. Keep any brush and your lawn trimmed so mice have fewer spots to hide on your property Take Care Of Any Holes In Your Home’s Exterior Mice can squeeze underneath doors and through cracks in your siding, making it very important to plug up these areas so they do not have an easy way inside. Take the time to inspect the exterior of your home for any crevices that look suspect. Fill these spots in with caulk or pieces of steel wool to make it harder for mice to get through. Covering larger holes with wire mesh can also be helpful. Call a contractor to replace any broken portions of siding if needed. Do A Thorough Cleaning To Make Your Home Less Attractive To Rodents Cleaning your home will make it more desirable to people and less desirable to mice. Mice tend to stick close to areas in disarray as they will have ample areas to hide. They also enjoy having readily available snacks left behind by careless humans. Take time to do vacuuming in your home often so any morsels that make their way to the floor are eliminated in their entirety. Clean all counters and tables with detergent to mask the odor of food remnants that dropped upon their surfaces. Your home will look better and mice will be less likely to frequent your home’s interior if there is nothing easy to find to eat. Add A Few Deterrents To Make The Home Less Desirable To Mice If a mouse feels threatened by predators, it will be less likely to stay in the area. Consider getting a cat to patrol your home to help keep mice at bay. If you would rather not have a pet, use decoys outside to make mice leave the premises. Birds of prey in the area will make the mice scatter to other areas instead of sticking around. Placing a fake owl in a nearby tree will help keep mice from getting too close to the home. Move the decoy to different areas around your home’s perimeter to keep mice from getting used to it in the area. For further information, contact a local extermination company, such as Bugsgon Pest Control Kamloops...

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Tips For Eliminating Bed Bugs Without Using Toxic Chemicals

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If you brought home unwelcome house guests from your last hotel stay, then you will be happy to know that bed bugs can be successfully eliminated without the use of any toxic chemicals. Follow these tips to eradicate the bed bug infestation in your home: Tip 1: Remove All Trash and Clutter Buy a box of large plastic trash bags and place any trash or unwanted items into the bags, seal them by tightly tying them, and place them immediately into your outdoor trash can. This will help contain the infestation and make eradicating the bed bugs easier. Bed bugs like to lay their eggs in dark, hidden places, and by eliminating the clutter you are removing many of these opportunities. Tip 2: Never Move Items from One Room to Another If you move your possessions from one room to another, then you are spreading the bed bugs and their eggs to a new location! To prevent their spread, bag everything in place and immediately take the sealed bags either to your trash can or to your laundry room for heat treating. Tip 3: Vacuum with a Bagged Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum your entire home with a vacuum cleaner that has a bag to collect the dirt. As soon as you have completed vacuuming all of the surfaces in your home, then go outside, remove and seal the bag, and dispose of it in your trashcan. Do not empty the vacuum in your home, as this may spread bed bugs to a new area of your home. Tip 4: Heat Treat All Fabric Items Since your home’s laundry dryer is hot enough to successfully kill bed bugs, you should place clothing, bedding, and stuffed animals into your dryer. Set your dryer on its hottest setting and run it for an hour on each load to ensure all bed bugs and their eggs are killed. Following the heat treating, launder your items as normal. Tip 5: Spread Diatomaceous Earth to Kill Remaining Bed Bugs Once your home has been cleaned and decluttered then you should spread diatomaceous earth on all of your floors and closet surfaces. You can purchase diatomaceous earth in the gardening supply section of your local hardware store. Do not purchase diatomaceous earth that is designed for swimming pool use as it is ground very fine and is harmful if you inhale it. Conclusion Kicking bed bugs to the curb is not easy, but they are an unwanted house guest that you can eliminate by being very vigilant. If you have followed all of the tips above and you are still having a problem with bed bugs in your home, then you need to call a local pest control company, like Best Control Pest Control Ltd, for...

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4 Ways To Get Rid Of Slugs In Your Garden

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After spending hours tending the flowers and shrubs in your garden, the last thing you want to see is slugs chewing holes in the leaves. Slugs are a problem for gardeners across the country, but fortunately, there are lots of ways to get rid of these pests. Here are four methods that you can try. Create beer traps Beer traps are a tried-and-true method of dealing with slugs. To create one of these traps, partially bury a glass or plastic container in the soil and fill it with beer. The slugs will be drawn to the beer for a drink, and they’ll get too drunk to crawl back out of your trap. It’s the yeast in beer that attracts slugs, so if you don’t want to waste beer, you can use a mixture of water, flour, sugar, and yeast, instead. Sprinkle coffee grinds Getting rid of slugs can be as easy as sprinkling coffee grounds around the perimeter of your flower beds. Studies have shown that coffee is an effective repellent against slugs, but it can do more than just scare them away. Caffeine has even been shown to be fatal to slugs, so the slugs that aren’t deterred by the presence of the grounds won’t last long. Use diatomaceous earth Diatomaceous earth is a gritty powder that can be used to kill a wide variety of crawling pests. The powder is made of fossilized diatoms, a type of algae. When slugs crawl across this powder it will create abrasions on their undersides, which leads to them drying out and dying. As a bonus, diatomaceous earth will also kill other garden pests like ear wigs. Get rid of excess moisture Slugs are attracted to excess moisture, so you need to try to reduce the amount of moisture in your garden. Instead of watering your garden a little bit every day, switch to watering deeply but infrequently. This allows your plants to dry out in between watering sessions. You should also remove objects like logs or decorative rocks from your garden since the area underneath will be moist and the perfect home for slugs. Slugs can cause a lot of damage to your flowers and shrubs, so if you see them in your garden, you need to get rid of them right away. You can do this with beer traps, coffee grinds, diatomaceous earth, or moisture control. Click here for more info about getting rid of pests in your...

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Removing Gophers From Your Garden

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If you have noticed areas in your yard where large holes are dug into the ground, there is a very good chance that you have a gopher problem. Once a family of gophers invades your property, it will take a bit of work to remove them for good. Here are some tips to use for getting gophers out of your yard. Make A Deterring Spray There are a few substances that gophers prefer to avoid because of their odor.  Make a concoction of garlic powder, peppermint oil and cayenne pepper. The conflicting scents will be potent. Add some water to this mixture and place it in a spray bottle.  Spray it on all vegetation where you had noticed gophers or where holes are visible. Dip a few cotton balls into the mixture and toss them into holes, as well. Another solution that works without harming gophers or your plants is a mixture of half castor oil and half water.  Scare Gophers Away There are a couple of methods that will scare gophers away from your property without hurting them in the process. Place a small radio into a plastic bag with the volume turned up very loud. Stick it in one of the holes in your yard. The vibrating sound waves will send gophers out of their lairs and into someone else’s yard. Another thing that scares gophers is reflected light. Place a colored bottle into one of the holes to help scare gophers from going back inside. A small mirror will have the same effect.  Trap Gophers For Removal If the gopher problem isn’t going away with your deterrents, you might have to try to capture the gophers on your own. Small gopher traps can be bought at hunting supply stores. Put on a pair of gloves before handling a trap, as gophers will stay away from the scent of your skin. Place some peanut butter in the trap to use as a bait. Place a trap into one of the gopher holes and wait for a gopher to make the mistake of trying to eat the peanut butter.  Check your traps several times a day. When you find you have captured a gopher, remove the trap and open it up in an area away from your yard, preferably where the gophers will have ground where they can make a new home. If you are nervous about dealing with trapping on your own, professional animal control by Peninsula Pest Control or other similar companies is a great alternative as they will do this work for...

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Ants Trying To Set Up Home In Your House? Ways To Send Them On Their Way Out

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Ants are a nuisance and it is common for them to come into homes in the spring. It can be difficult to get rid of these pesky insects, but it can be done. Below are ways you can wage war against them, and have a home free from ants. Pest Control Company The quickest and easiest way to get rid of the ants is to call a local pest control company (such as Edmonton Exterminators Ltd). To be able to get rid of them completely, you have to find the nest, and this can be very difficult to do. The pest control company, however, can usually find it and eradicate the ants. Ants can enter your home through even tiny cracks. Once in, they seek greasy or sweet food and water. Only a few ants may come out first seeking food. Once they find it, they leave behind a chemical that the other ants can smell. This leads them to the food source, and more and more will start coming in. The nest could be somewhere in your home, or it could be outside in walls, behind cabinets, on your lawn, etc.  How large the colony size is depends on the type of ant you have. The numbers could add up to the hundreds of thousands, which is why it is difficult to get rid of them unless you find the colony. Once the pest control company finds the colony, he or she will use chemicals to kill the ants in it. Because they may not find all the ants, the company will likely come back to your home on a regular basis for a while. Natural Ways If you want to save money, you can try some natural ways to remove the ants first. There are several ways you can do this including: Baby powder: Sprinkle a line of baby powder on the edge of the floors where you see the ants coming into your home. They will likely not cross this barrier, as they cannot breathe well when they do. Borax:  Make a borax and powdered sugar bait. The powdered sugar will draw them into the bait, and when they start eating it, the borax will kill them. In a bowl, add three parts powdered sugar to one part borax and mix. Put the mixture in bottle caps, small lid cans, such as from a baby food jar, etc. Set them in areas that you see the ants coming in. Vinegar: Vinegar may not kill the ants, but they do not like the smell of it, and it may deter them. Vinegar also removes the chemical smell so other ants cannot find it. Spray the vinegar daily where you see the ants enter into your home. It is best to start using these resources as soon as you start seeing ants in your home. The quicker you start taking action, the faster you will take care of this...

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Keeping Termites Away From Your Home

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Termites are one pest that homeowners do not want around their house. They are known to cause a lot of destruction to foundations and woodwork, compromising the overall structure of the home. If you have just purchased your home, taking steps to keep these pests away can be beneficial in keeping your home in sound condition. Here are some things you can do around your house to ensure that termites do not invade. Keep Things Dry Termites are attracted to moisture. If you have any areas of standing water near your home, there is a chance that termites may be nearby. Consider putting a moisture barrier around the foundation of your home to help keep things dry and termite-free. Cover all unused water sources outside, such as ponds or pools, during off-seasons. Take a look inside your home for any pooling water from plumbing problems, and repair them as necessary. Moist wood surfaces are exceptionally at risk, so make sure to dry out these areas after finding a water spill. Watch Your Wood Termites will eat cellulose-based materials, including paper products. If you have stacks of newspapers, magazines, or office papers within your home, either recycle them or store them in air-tight plastic tubs to avoid termite infestation. Consider changing some of the wood on your deck or porch, or add an insect repelling stain treatment to existing wood. Shine up your wood surfaces inside your home with orange oil. This oil will give wood a pristine gleam while killing any termites that may be embedded inside the woodwork. Use it liberally throughout the home to help repel any termites in the process. Kill Existing Termites If you find there are indeed termites inside your home, calling a professional pest control service that offers termite control is the best way of removing them completely. They will be able to administer the proper pesticides to rid your home of termites without harm to your structures or any people or pets that live within. There are a few methods you can use to help kill termites while waiting on the pest control service to arrive. Sprinkle borax throughout infected areas. Termites are prone to feeding on this substance, which will kill them rather quickly after ingestion. You can also try to freeze termites from wood surfaces in your home by injecting the wood with nitrogen. This will kill off a great portion of termites after...

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Prevent Bed Bug Bites While You’re Traveling With These 3 Tips

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If you’re a business traveler, or simply enjoy traveling often, it is likely that you spend the night in a number of hotels away from home. Bed bugs may also be spending the night in the hotels you visit, which is why you need to have some tips to avoid them. Here are just a few things you can do to protect yourself from bed bug bites while you’re traveling. Do a Room Inspection When traveling, many people simply jump into their hotel bed at the end of a long day. This can be a mistake, and you may wake up with little red bug bites all over your body. Before you even unpack, it is a good idea to do a simple room inspection to make sure you’re not sharing the room with bed bugs. The bed is the first place to look. Lift the blankets and sheets off of the bed and look for signs of bed bugs on the mattress. Although the eggs can be hard to see, the adult bugs are reddish brown and visible. Look near the creases in the mattress and check out the corners as well. Make sure to investigate the headboard as well. The bed is not the only place these bugs can hide. You should also check chairs and sofas. Should you see any bugs, notify the hotel manager and asked to be relocated to a room that is nowhere near the room you were originally in. That is because bed bugs can travel from room to room. Wrap Your Luggage On your packing list, always be sure to include plastic trash bags or large plastic gift packaging. Wrapping your luggage with the bags will help prevent bed bugs from making their way into your luggage and hiding out and laying eggs. Wash Your Clothing in Hot Water or Steam When you get home, after greeting loved ones, make time to take the luggage from your trip straight to the washing machine. Whether you wore certain clothing pieces or not, toss everything into the washing machine and wash with hot water. If certain pieces cannot be machine washed, make sure they are steam cleaned. That will stop you from carrying any hitchhiking bed bugs into your bedroom, closet and living spaces.  With the tips above, you should be able to travel confidently, knowing that you won’t be the victim of bed bug bites. If you see signs of bed bugs when you’ve returned home, contact a local pest control company like Vancouver Pest Control right...

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