Ridding Your Home of Insects

Own A Log Home? Tips For Removing Termites And Repairing The Damage They Cause

by Ted Miller

If you have a log home, you are most likely aware that it is more at risk of becoming damaged by termites. A small hole could cause major problems with rot within a log, which is not good for the exterior of your home. That's why you must know how to get rid of the termites and repair the damage they cause.

Removing The Termites

Use Bait

You can deal with termites on the outside of your home by using a termite bait. It's made with a boric acid that causes the termites to become dehydrated and die. If these bait traps are placed near the nest, it should prevent the termites from getting to the wood.


Once termites are inside the wood, it will be difficult to kill them using the bait method. Your best chance of getting rid of them will be to place a tent over your home and fumigate it. This will ensure that every termite is gone, even if it is hiding deep within a crack.

Repairing The Damage

Preparing Termite Holes

Before you are able to repair a hole caused by termites, you'll need to clean it out. If the wood surface is smooth and flat, the filler material you use will have a better chance of bonding to the wood. You could clean out the inside of a small hole using sandpaper, but you could also hollow out the hole with an electric power drill. Using a drill will also allow you to see deeper into the hole, and identify rot that you may have missed. Just make sure that the hole you are making is not much bigger than the hole you are trying to repair.

Using Wood Putty

You can patch these small holes using wood putty, which will look great and be strong enough to withstand moisture once it is dry. After the putty has been applied, it needs a stain so that the patch will match your home's log exterior.

Be aware that the stain you last used on your home's exterior won't be a perfect match, sine the wood has been exposed to the sun and most likely has faded over the years. You'll need to use a stain stick, which is wood stain that rolls on like chap stick. You may need to try several stains until you find one that is a perfect match after it dries on the wood putty.

While you now know how to patch those termite holes in your log home, it won't matter if you don't get rid of the termites for good. If not, they'll just keep coming back and making more holes. Work with local exterminators like Tri-County Termite & Pest Control, Inc. that can help get rid of those termites before you start any repairs.