Ridding Your Home of Insects

Simple Steps You Can Take To Help Keep Mice From Getting Inside Of Your Home

by Ted Miller

If you live in a wooded area, your home is at risk of mice getting inside if proper steps are not taken to keep them outside. There are several ways one can make their home less attractive to these rodents. Try some of these precautionary methods in keeping mice from becoming a problem in your own house.  

Tend To The Outdoor Areas To Minimize Numbers

If you have a wood pile on your property, chances are mice and insects are burrowed in between the pieces to use as a safe haven. Move any wood stacks away from direct view of your home. It is a good idea to stack the pieces on top of cinder blocks or bricks so these creatures are less likely to use the area for a home.

Eliminate any standing water from your home's property so mice do not have a drinking source to their advantage. If you have pets who eat outdoors, consider creating a penned-in area they can use for their feeding sessions and remove food dishes promptly after they eat so mice are not attracted to the scent of their meal. Keep any brush and your lawn trimmed so mice have fewer spots to hide on your property

Take Care Of Any Holes In Your Home's Exterior

Mice can squeeze underneath doors and through cracks in your siding, making it very important to plug up these areas so they do not have an easy way inside. Take the time to inspect the exterior of your home for any crevices that look suspect. Fill these spots in with caulk or pieces of steel wool to make it harder for mice to get through. Covering larger holes with wire mesh can also be helpful. Call a contractor to replace any broken portions of siding if needed.

Do A Thorough Cleaning To Make Your Home Less Attractive To Rodents

Cleaning your home will make it more desirable to people and less desirable to mice. Mice tend to stick close to areas in disarray as they will have ample areas to hide. They also enjoy having readily available snacks left behind by careless humans. Take time to do vacuuming in your home often so any morsels that make their way to the floor are eliminated in their entirety. Clean all counters and tables with detergent to mask the odor of food remnants that dropped upon their surfaces. Your home will look better and mice will be less likely to frequent your home's interior if there is nothing easy to find to eat.

Add A Few Deterrents To Make The Home Less Desirable To Mice

If a mouse feels threatened by predators, it will be less likely to stay in the area. Consider getting a cat to patrol your home to help keep mice at bay. If you would rather not have a pet, use decoys outside to make mice leave the premises. Birds of prey in the area will make the mice scatter to other areas instead of sticking around. Placing a fake owl in a nearby tree will help keep mice from getting too close to the home. Move the decoy to different areas around your home's perimeter to keep mice from getting used to it in the area. For further information, contact a local extermination company, such as Bugsgon Pest Control Kamloops Ltd.