Ridding Your Home of Insects

Tips For Eliminating Bed Bugs Without Using Toxic Chemicals

by Ted Miller

If you brought home unwelcome house guests from your last hotel stay, then you will be happy to know that bed bugs can be successfully eliminated without the use of any toxic chemicals.

Follow these tips to eradicate the bed bug infestation in your home:

Tip 1: Remove All Trash and Clutter

Buy a box of large plastic trash bags and place any trash or unwanted items into the bags, seal them by tightly tying them, and place them immediately into your outdoor trash can. This will help contain the infestation and make eradicating the bed bugs easier. Bed bugs like to lay their eggs in dark, hidden places, and by eliminating the clutter you are removing many of these opportunities.

Tip 2: Never Move Items from One Room to Another

If you move your possessions from one room to another, then you are spreading the bed bugs and their eggs to a new location! To prevent their spread, bag everything in place and immediately take the sealed bags either to your trash can or to your laundry room for heat treating.

Tip 3: Vacuum with a Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum your entire home with a vacuum cleaner that has a bag to collect the dirt. As soon as you have completed vacuuming all of the surfaces in your home, then go outside, remove and seal the bag, and dispose of it in your trashcan. Do not empty the vacuum in your home, as this may spread bed bugs to a new area of your home.

Tip 4: Heat Treat All Fabric Items

Since your home's laundry dryer is hot enough to successfully kill bed bugs, you should place clothing, bedding, and stuffed animals into your dryer. Set your dryer on its hottest setting and run it for an hour on each load to ensure all bed bugs and their eggs are killed. Following the heat treating, launder your items as normal.

Tip 5: Spread Diatomaceous Earth to Kill Remaining Bed Bugs

Once your home has been cleaned and decluttered then you should spread diatomaceous earth on all of your floors and closet surfaces. You can purchase diatomaceous earth in the gardening supply section of your local hardware store. Do not purchase diatomaceous earth that is designed for swimming pool use as it is ground very fine and is harmful if you inhale it.


Kicking bed bugs to the curb is not easy, but they are an unwanted house guest that you can eliminate by being very vigilant. If you have followed all of the tips above and you are still having a problem with bed bugs in your home, then you need to call a local pest control company, like Best Control Pest Control Ltd, for assistance.