Ridding Your Home of Insects

When Is A Mosquito Misting System The Right Treatment?

by Ted Miller

Mosquito treatment is a good way to prevent both annoyance and possible disease outbreaks. Some situations don't lend themselves to common techniques like direct spraying, nets, larvicides, and predator release. Fortunately, a mosquito misting system can often fill the gap. Here are six times when misting might be the best available treatment option.

No Access to Mosquito Habitat

While you can do a lot to treat mosquito problems on your property, what do you do if the originating habit is somewhere else? Worse, what do you do if the owner of the habitat can't or won't deal with the issue? Misting is a good option if mosquitoes are flying into your area from other locations. Although you're unlikely to achieve elimination, you will at least be able to keep them away from people and animals on your property.

Persistent Mosquito Problems

Even if you have access to the habitat, some mosquito populations are resilient. You can hit them with every possible mosquito treatment without killing them all. For example, you might have a property near a swampy river bend. This is ideal territory for mosquitoes, and you'll probably struggle to wipe out their population. Mosquito misting provides a way to target key areas where you can't tolerate flying bloodsuckers.

Temporary Coverage

Misting is also a good choice for temporary coverage. Suppose you picked a rural wedding venue only to discover there's a mosquito problem. You probably don't want to invest in full-on eradication, but you do want your guests to be comfortable. You can deploy a mosquito misting system temporarily for the event and then take it down when it's over.

Large Commercial Locations

Stores, event venues, stadiums, warehouses, restaurants, and other commercial locations often encounter mosquito issues. Even if you're working on eradication, customers and employees can't wait for progress. A mosquito misting system allows you to address the immediate problem while you work on long-term solutions.


Livestock faces many mosquito-borne diseases. Once more, a farm can't wait for long-term solutions to take effect. Misting offers an immediate answer while other methods work toward eradication.

Farm operations may also use misting in a temporary role. A cattle auction might stage misting systems to protect animals during the event. You may also deploy misting while rounding up animals or moving herds.

Highly Localized Needs

Finally, misting works well in tight areas. With the right products, you can protect a patio, deck, or outdoor kitchen. You might avoid a larger investment in other mitigation methods.

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