Ridding Your Home of Insects

Best Rodent Control Tips For Your Home

by Ted Miller

Do you see a mouse in your house occasionally? You might see a mouse once in a while or every day. In either case, you need rodent control. Of course, you can try some methods yourself before hiring a professional pest control company. If the at-home methods don't work, then you can contact a rodent control company. Here are some methods you can use at home to keep mice away.

Seal your home

The first thing to work on is sealing your home. After all, mice will face more challenges entering your home if you close the areas where they enter. But how do mice get inside a home? In most cases, mice look for small openings. Mice can squeeze through very tiny holes, much smaller than you expect. Thus, it would help if you closed these holes to stop mice. To do this, walk around the inside and outside of your home, looking for any openings. Then, you can seal them with caulk or stuff steel wool into the holes.

Place deterrent substances around your house

Next, you can place some things around your house to deter the mice from entering. You can try many things for this purpose, including mothballs. Mothballs have a strong odor, so you probably won't want to place them in your home. But you could place them in your garage or outside your house.

Another option is to place dryer sheets around all your openings. For example, place them by your windows and doors. While you might like the smell of dryer sheets, mice don't. Thus, mice might look for a different place to go if they smell them.

You can also use various essential oils and spices to deter mice. For example, peppermint oil might deter mice. You can also use cloves to deter them. When mice smell these things, they might turn in the other direction.

Set up traps

Mouse traps also work well for eliminating rodents. The downside with these is that you must empty them after catching mice. You can buy all kinds of traps and try a few types. You can place them in your house and garage. You might also place a few outside in areas where mice enter your home.

Call a professional rodent control company

Contact a professional rodent control company if you still need help after trying these methods. They offer effective treatment options that will eliminate all the rodents from your house.