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Do You Suspect a Mice Invasion in Your Home? 4 Positive Indicators

by Ted Miller

When mice invade your residence, they can cause significant damage. These rodents are highly nocturnal, meaning they are active at night. For that reason, you may not detect an infestation quickly. However, they always leave behind trails indicating their presence. It's advisable to hire mice pest control services immediately you see indications of an infestation. Here are ways to know if you have mice in your indoor space.

Characteristic Droppings and Urine Odor

Mice will leave dark droppings around your home. Usually, their feces are in groups and look like small pellets. You might spot these droppings in drawers, near food packages, basements, attic, and cupboards. Keep in mind that these feces carry ailments that can affect your health. Besides droppings, a urine smell signifies a mice invasion. Call a mice exterminator to get rid of these unwanted pests at the first sign of their presence. 

Annoying Squeaking or Chirping Sounds 

Strangely, mice make overly loud noises even though they are small. For instance, they squeak when feeding and make thumping sounds as they move along ceilings and walls. You may also hear gnawing, scratching, and skittering. 

Such sounds indicate a massive presence of mice in your home. These rodents could be chewing away your furniture, electrical wires, or food in the kitchen without your knowledge. 

Dead or Live Rodents

If an infestation goes undetected for a long period, the old mice begin to die. The odor produced by a decaying mouse is pungent and terrible and hence easy to detect. Besides that, you can spot a running mouse even during the day if the population is large. And if you wake up at night and head to your kitchen, you'll find them searching for food.

They like to hide behind appliances, furniture, and on the ceiling where you can't find them easily. Remember that they become bold when they grow in numbers and can cause an unforgettable embarrassment when hosting guests. Call a pest control expert as soon as you detect an infestation to avoid such a scenario. 

Visible Damage on Various Items around Your Home

Gnaw marks on walls signify that mice have established a home in your space. Sometimes, you might notice your furnishings and furniture have bite marks. Mice chew these items to gain entry to hiding places or gather the materials to build nests.

They will also puncture holes on biscuit boxes or cereal containers, searching for food. These little critters can also eat away your wooden door or window to access your indoor space. Don't ignore these bites, and instead schedule a mice extermination exercise immediately. 

Mice can be disruptive and dangerous since they spread diseases and cause property damage. Therefore, seek mice pest control services when you notice these signs.

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