Ridding Your Home of Insects

What You Should Do About Ground Bees

by Ted Miller

Ground bees can be a little nerve-wracking. You could be outside without realizing that directly below is a bees' nest, and you could get stung by a number of these pests if you aren't careful. Ground bees can be found by watching for these pests flying close to the ground, or coming and going from their nest. When disturbed by someone, you may notice a lot of these pests flying about and agitated. If you have ground bees, they can be dangerous to little ones or pets as well. Read on for what you can do if you have ground bees in your yard.

Stay Away

During daytime hours, keep away from these pests. Once you have spotted these pests, you should stay away during the daylight hours when these pests will more than likely be more active and can be more agitated when disturbed. You should keep away from the area and leave them be, keeping pets and small children away as well. If you are mowing your lawn, be sure to stay away from the area as well, as you can really agitate them with the noise and vibration from your mower.

Flood The Ground Nest

At night, find the ground nest and use a garden hose to flood the nest. You can't simply fill in the hole from these pests, as they will tunnel their way out, but you can flood them out instead. Place your garden hose in the ground nest carefully, and turn on the water. Allow the water to flow into the nest and kill the bees. You may notice some bees trying to fly out of the nest, so be sure you stay away to prevent getting stung.

Watch For More Bees

Watch the nest for any other bee activity in the days following. Some bees that escaped will try to get back to their nest, and if you notice a lot of activity, you should repeat the process of flooding the nest. You can try to use a pesticide spray to spray the bees you see, although it can be difficult to spray them when they are flying about. 

If you have ground bees, they can be dangerous, as you may not notice them until you're already standing over their nest, and you could get stung. If you have a problem with ground bees, call a pest control service to have these bees removed from your yard.