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Prevent Bed Bugs From Coming Home With You After Your Vacation: 4 Tips

by Ted Miller

Bed bugs can be found in the cleanest of homes and even in nicer hotels. Bed bugs can quickly become an issue and and creep into your luggage as you enjoy your vacation. You may not have any idea that bed bugs are even in your hotel room, and only after you've brought them home will you realize this is where they came from. To prevent bed bugs from coming home with you after your next vacation, read on for a few helpful tips.

1. Keep Luggage Off Of Floors

Bed bugs may be in the carpeting of the hotel you are staying at and can get into your luggage you've left open on the floor of your room. Instead of the floor, keep your luggage on the luggage rack and keep it closed to prevent bed bugs from getting inside your luggage. Hanging up your clothes is also an option to prevent an issue.

2. Read Hotel Reviews

Hotel reviews may give you some insight into the hotel where you will be staying beforehand. If a number of other guests have complained about a bed bug issue upon returning home, it may not be a coincidence. It may in fact be an infestation. Skip that hotel altogether if this is the case to prevent having a similar issue.

3. Inspect Your Room

This may seem unnecessary to you, but you could be surprised by what you find in your room. Look in drawers, on mattresses, and along the edges or the undersides of furniture in the room. If you spot bugs, whether alive or dead, alert the front desk immediately to report the problem. They may have no idea there is an issue either unless someone reports it to them.

4. Clean Your Luggage Upon Returning Home

When you return home from your trip, leave your luggage outside or in your garage to be sure there aren't any bed bugs on the luggage. If your luggage has fabric sides, put the entire suitcase in a plastic bag and seal it for a few days to kill any bugs that may have come back with you. Your clothing should be washed in hot water and dried in high heat. 

If you are traveling soon, use the tips above to help you prevent a bed bug issue upon arriving back home. If you do encounter a bed bug issue, call a pest control company for help.