Ridding Your Home of Insects

Warm Weather Pest Control Advice

by Ted Miller

With warmer weather comes the little pests right into your home, where they bring their families with them, in search of coolness, water, and food. These pests range from ants to mice. Also, your yard can get inundated with its own array of pests, such as mosquitos. Learning some easy ways to keep these pests away can allow you to enjoy your summer more, since you won't be spending the majority of it battling with these little, unwanted intruders. Here are some summertime pest tips to keep in mind, so you can have a much more pleasant season this year and for years to come:

Ants – Things like cinnamon can deter ants, but who wants cinnamon all over their counters and floors? The absolute best way to keep ants out of your home is to make it so they can't get in. Since they are so tiny, this is harder than it may sound. It will require making sure the windows and doors all seal completely. It also means making sure the spots where wires, cables, and pipes come into the house are completely sealed using caulk. If there are weak areas you can't fix right now, then you may want to go ahead and follow through with sprinkling some cinnamon directly on those areas.

Fruit Flies – Fruit flies can be horrible little terrors to get in your kitchen. These little boogers are so small it is extremely hard to keep them out. Plus, they can sneak in right under your nose by entering on the fruit you just bought from the store. If you're not careful, the next thing you know, you can be preparing all of your meals with them. The best way to control them is to put some apple cider vinegar in the bottom of a jar, use a rubber band to secure a piece of plastic wrap to the top of it, and poke some very tiny holes in the top. The flies will go in the jar, be unable to escape and eventually drown at the bottom. This is a good way to easily get rid of a large number of them without using strong pesticides in your kitchen area.

Bed bugs – Bed bugs generally don't come into your home unless invited. This means you bring them in on your clothing, in your luggage, or on items you bring into the home like a couch, a bed, or something else that is coming from another location where there were bed bugs. To prevent bed bugs, be careful where you stay when you travel, and be careful when you are bringing used items into your home. You can also hire a bed bug inspection to see if you have them.

Mice – Just as with ants, the best way to keep mice out is to seal off every possible point of entry. Remember, mice can squeeze through some unbelievably small areas. If you do end up with mice, getting a good mouser cat can put an end to that drama quick.

Mosquitos – To keep mosquitoes out of your yard, you want to get rid of all stagnant water. You also want to make sure you aren't overwatering your grass and that your rain gutters are cleaned out.