Ridding Your Home of Insects

How To Protect Your Shed From Termites

by Ted Miller

Whether you use your shed to store firewood, gardening tools, or outdoor toys, this area of your backyard can be attractive to termites. If you are looking for ways to keep termites out of your shed, here are some tips you can use.

Rotate And Cover Firewood

A pile of firewood can be an attractive buffet for termites. While you don't want to treat the wood with chemicals that can be hazardous when you light a fire, there are some steps you can take to protect your wood pile. Use a tarp to keep it covered, even inside the shed. Rotate the logs in the pile to prevent moisture from accumulating. Over time, moisture trapped between the logs can cause the wood to rot, creating an ideal place for termites to take hold. If possible, avoid storing the wood directly on the floor of the shed.

Keep The Ground Clear

Keeping the area around the shed clear can eliminate cover for termites. Cut the grass regularly, and avoid stacking items next to the shed. Wood planter boxes, firewood, and other items should be kept either inside or away from the shed area. You can also place the shed on a concrete slab to prevent termites from burrowing into the ground to build their nesting tubes.

Seal The Wood

If your shed is made from wood, consider painting and sealing the wood to help keep termites at bay. This won't provide 100-percent protection, but it can make things a bit more difficult for termites trying to gnaw their way through the wood. It's also a good idea to inspect for cracks around the door frame and in the walls, as these areas can represent vulnerable areas termites might use to invade your shed.

Illuminate The Shed

Termites prefer dark, moist environments, so one way to keep them out of the shed is to keep it illuminated. If your shed has windows, keep them uncovered to allow sunlight to flow in. You can also use solar-powered garden lighting inside and around the shed to help repel termites. Remember that at night, these lights can attract some flying insects along with their predators. If you keep lights on in the shed at night, you may also want to use an insect repellent light. This can help keep a range of insects away from the shed.

You can also contact a pest removal expert to treat the area around your shed to prevent termites. If you think you already have a termite problem, ask your pest control company for help exterminating these creatures from your yard.