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Four Common Lawn Pests And Diseases

by Ted Miller

Lawn pests and diseases are a terror for residential homeowners. Knowing what to expect in terms of problems and maintenance will help you to be on the lookout for these four common lawn pests and diseases so that you can keep your yard beautiful:

Slime Molds

One of the most common would be slime molds. Though they do not specifically harm the grass per se, but they are quite unsightly to look at.  They are known for surrounding the grass a with white, slimy consistency – which, fortunately, can be removed by simply spraying jets of water at it. Slime molds can be dangerous to walk over since they make the surrounding area slippery. If you get a great irrigation system going with your sprinklers, that will help you eliminate the appearance and effects of slime molds.

Red Thread

Another lawn disease would be the so-called red thread. The cause of finding this in your lawn would be a lack of nitrogen. This is a disease that causes patches of your grass to turn red, then brown, then black, and then ultimately to die. The change in colors gives you an easy way to see the progression of the disease; you will know how much time you have to call a landscaping professional to get help taking care of your yard.


Rust is a fungus that appears as a fine coat of orange powder along your lawn. Though you would think this is a harmless lawn disease, it is actually one that can rapidly spread throughout your area (which can turn quite ugly if not taken care of immediately). Since this is a fungus, you will likely need to apply a fungicide to the area. Get help with this since some chemicals can be toxic to your lawn as they attempt to kill a fungus.

Ant Nests

Lastly, ant nests are frowned upon by most homeowners. They not only look bad on the grass, but they can also cause serious harm to your skin once being in contact with the pest. You can actually use pesticides, ant hill removal, and other landscaping techniques to prevent large ant hills from taking over your yard. Contact a pest control specialist if the issue is out of hand. 

Fortunately for us, these common lawn pests and diseases can be taken care of by just feeding the grass with the proper nutrients it needs, respecting it by diligently watering them, and taking time in cleaning them to produce a nice-looking and healthy area.

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