Ridding Your Home of Insects

Rodent Control

by Ted Miller

The scampering of little feet through your walls is always an eerie and disturbing sound. Those little mice or rats might have started to try and make your house their house. The problem with rodents is that they can actually cause a lot of damage. Rats are known to carry fleas, the same fleas that started the plague. Mice are carriers of a virus called Hantavirus that is deadly to humans. So, it is important that you kill the rodents in your home, but that you also prevent any rodents from coming into the house. Here are a few different ways that you deal with rodents in your home:

Seal Your Home

It does not take much of an opening for a mouse to squeeze through, and rats are great at getting into homes as well. One of the first things that you should do is seal up your home. Start with the basement and basically waterproof and rodent proof the basement. You can do this by buying a rubber polymer seal at the home improvement store and sealing your basement. The next thing that you want to do is to re-caulk all the doors and windows in the house. Any other holes that you find you can stuff full of steel wool because it hurts rodents hands when they try to get through.


Mice and rodents will try to come in if they feel safe and if they have a food source. So, you want to take away both of these from their life in your home. First, start by cleaning the entire home very well. Clean the cupboards, the pantries, vacuum any extra crumbs around the house. Basically, make it hard for the mice or the rat to get a meal. You may also want to use a citrus or a mint scented cleaner because rodents tend to hate these smells, and it can be an extra deterrent.


You can also trap the current mice and rodents that are in the house. Start by using the same bait that the mice or the rats have been in. Then find a high traffic area, so look for fecal pellets. The last thing that you do is you set the trap, but be sure that the bait is toward the middle of the room, while the trap is facing the wall. This will cause the little rodent to have to trip the mechanism.  

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