Ridding Your Home of Insects

Winter Is Coming: 4 Strategies For Turning Back The Yearly Mouse Invasion

by Ted Miller

Every winter, you may dread the inevitable invasion of your home by mice coming in from the cold. Not only are the mice destructive, but they also carry diseases that could put you and your family's health at risk. Before winter arrives, use the following four strategies for turning back the yearly mouse invasion.

Remove Their Cover by Keeping Your Home's Perimeter Clear

Your first line of defense is to remove anything around the immediate perimeter of your home that the mice could use as cover. If piles of brush or leaves are left next to your home that the rodents could use as cover, their next step may be to find a way into your home.

As the leaves fall from the trees in your yard, rake them up as soon as possible. Also, if you have a fireplace, keep the firewood well away from your home. The mice love to use these piles as a temporary home while trying to find a way into yours.

Block Their Entryways with Caulk and Weather Stripping

After clearing the perimeter, the next step is to block all possible entryways that the mice may be able to use as an access point into your home. This involves two steps, including finding the holes and filling them with either caulk or weather stripping.

Walk around the outside of your house, carefully examining the areas around your doors and windows. If you see any gaps between the doors and frames, stick weather stripping on the inside of the frames.

Also, look for any holes, cracks, or gaps along the foundation or eaves. Since mice can fit through even the smallest of holes, you should fill these in with caulk. Use a silicone-based caulk that will expand and contract with the changes in temperature so that your patches do not crack.

Deprive Them of Moisture by Keeping Things Dry

One of the reasons why mice may invade your home is that they are trying to find moisture to keep them hydrated. Since they can smell water, they may find themselves attracted to your basement, attic, or crawl spaces if these areas stay wet.

To make these spaces less attractive to the furry invaders, make sure you keep them well ventilated. Open screened windows in your basement and attic to keep a cross breeze blowing. If you have a crawl space, line the openings with screens and keep them open.

If your basement or attic still stays moist, consider getting a dehumidifier. This device will suck the moisture out of the air and help keep these areas dry.

Keep Food Away by Storing It Properly

Along with water, the rodents need to eat. If you leave food out on your counters or do not store it properly, the mice will feel as though they are in heaven as they chew into the packaging and chow down on the food inside.

To keep the mice out of your food, remove it from the original packaging, and place it in plastic containers. Or, you could also place some of your nonperishable food and baking items in the refrigerator, such as flour or corn meal, so that the mice cannot gain access to them.

Using the above strategies can help keep mice out of your house this coming winter. However, after trying the above tips, some of the rodents may still find their way past your defenses. If so, contact pest control company that offers mouse control services to have them inspect the extent of the infestation and offer suggestions on how to rid yourself of the furry invaders. For more information, contact companies like A-Alert Exterminating Service Inc.