Ridding Your Home of Insects

Rid Your Restaurant Of Rat Diseases With Commercial Pest Control

by Ted Miller

No matter how good your restaurant's food is, if the county health department sees signs of rodent infestation during one of their surprise inspections, you will find yourself with locked doors. Mice and rats are on the rise across America, partly due to less funding being set aside in the municipal budget for pest control. Unfortunately for the small business owner, that means the responsibility lies with you to try to stay ahead of the rodents incessant multiplying.

Rats carried the fleas that caused the Bubonic Plague in the Middle Ages of the 14th century, but that's not the only diseases they carry that can be transmitted to human beings. Here is a look at two other serious ailments they can cause people via food or water contamination, important for a restaurant to consider.  

Rat-Bite Fever

Unfortunately, this is just what it sounds like. If you are unlucky enough to be bitten by a rat, or possibly a mouse as well, or even just come into contact with a dead rodent, you can get this sickness. Food or water that has been contaminated by rodent feces is yet another way rat-bite fever can spread.

Flu-like symptoms and rash are followed by illnesses such as pneumonia or meningitis if antibiotics are not started. The disease can be fatal without treatment.


This is a bacteria that is found in the urine of various affected animals, including rodents. As rats and mice make their way about, typically scurrying along walls for safety, they are often urinating as they run. Like other animals, this is done to mark their territory. The leptospirosis bacteria can live for months, and it will contaminate food, water, cooking vessels and instruments as well as the soil outdoors, something to consider if an urban garden is being planned.

The symptoms vary in people, with some getting none at all, but most become ill with a high fever within a few days of exposure and are ill with other flu-like symptoms for a few weeks. Treatment consists of doxycycline or another antibiotic, and some people will require intravenous treatment if they show signs of kidney or liver failure.

Every restaurant owner should employ the services of an exterminator. Some areas of the country, particularly bigger cities, have more issues with rodents whereas other areas, such as the Deep South, have more issues with cockroaches. Regardless of the specific pests in your area and because chemicals must be used sparingly, if at all, it is best to contract a commercial pest control service like Be There Pest Control.