Ridding Your Home of Insects

Removing Gophers From Your Garden

by Ted Miller

If you have noticed areas in your yard where large holes are dug into the ground, there is a very good chance that you have a gopher problem. Once a family of gophers invades your property, it will take a bit of work to remove them for good. Here are some tips to use for getting gophers out of your yard.

Make A Deterring Spray

There are a few substances that gophers prefer to avoid because of their odor.  Make a concoction of garlic powder, peppermint oil and cayenne pepper. The conflicting scents will be potent. Add some water to this mixture and place it in a spray bottle. 

Spray it on all vegetation where you had noticed gophers or where holes are visible. Dip a few cotton balls into the mixture and toss them into holes, as well. Another solution that works without harming gophers or your plants is a mixture of half castor oil and half water. 

Scare Gophers Away

There are a couple of methods that will scare gophers away from your property without hurting them in the process. Place a small radio into a plastic bag with the volume turned up very loud. Stick it in one of the holes in your yard. The vibrating sound waves will send gophers out of their lairs and into someone else's yard. Another thing that scares gophers is reflected light. Place a colored bottle into one of the holes to help scare gophers from going back inside. A small mirror will have the same effect. 

Trap Gophers For Removal

If the gopher problem isn't going away with your deterrents, you might have to try to capture the gophers on your own. Small gopher traps can be bought at hunting supply stores. Put on a pair of gloves before handling a trap, as gophers will stay away from the scent of your skin. Place some peanut butter in the trap to use as a bait. Place a trap into one of the gopher holes and wait for a gopher to make the mistake of trying to eat the peanut butter. 

Check your traps several times a day. When you find you have captured a gopher, remove the trap and open it up in an area away from your yard, preferably where the gophers will have ground where they can make a new home. If you are nervous about dealing with trapping on your own, professional animal control by Peninsula Pest Control or other similar companies is a great alternative as they will do this work for you.