Ridding Your Home of Insects

Keeping Termites Away From Your Home

by Ted Miller

Termites are one pest that homeowners do not want around their house. They are known to cause a lot of destruction to foundations and woodwork, compromising the overall structure of the home. If you have just purchased your home, taking steps to keep these pests away can be beneficial in keeping your home in sound condition. Here are some things you can do around your house to ensure that termites do not invade.

Keep Things Dry

Termites are attracted to moisture. If you have any areas of standing water near your home, there is a chance that termites may be nearby. Consider putting a moisture barrier around the foundation of your home to help keep things dry and termite-free. Cover all unused water sources outside, such as ponds or pools, during off-seasons. Take a look inside your home for any pooling water from plumbing problems, and repair them as necessary. Moist wood surfaces are exceptionally at risk, so make sure to dry out these areas after finding a water spill.

Watch Your Wood

Termites will eat cellulose-based materials, including paper products. If you have stacks of newspapers, magazines, or office papers within your home, either recycle them or store them in air-tight plastic tubs to avoid termite infestation. Consider changing some of the wood on your deck or porch, or add an insect repelling stain treatment to existing wood.

Shine up your wood surfaces inside your home with orange oil. This oil will give wood a pristine gleam while killing any termites that may be embedded inside the woodwork. Use it liberally throughout the home to help repel any termites in the process.

Kill Existing Termites

If you find there are indeed termites inside your home, calling a professional pest control service that offers termite control is the best way of removing them completely. They will be able to administer the proper pesticides to rid your home of termites without harm to your structures or any people or pets that live within.

There are a few methods you can use to help kill termites while waiting on the pest control service to arrive. Sprinkle borax throughout infected areas. Termites are prone to feeding on this substance, which will kill them rather quickly after ingestion. You can also try to freeze termites from wood surfaces in your home by injecting the wood with nitrogen. This will kill off a great portion of termites after administration.