Ridding Your Home of Insects

Why Could You Experience Ant Infestations Despite Routine Home Cleaning?

by Ted Miller

One way to avoid pest infestations is by keeping your house clean. But pests like ants could still invade your home after cleaning it and getting rid of food crumbs. Actually, most homeowners experience ant infestations from time to time, despite keeping their homes clean. According to some ant control experts, ants can invade even the cleanest homes for the following reasons.

You Have Decaying Woods Around Your Home

Do you have a wooden fence around your home? It's good to know that wood could easily attract ants. In most cases, wooden fences attract ants, such as carpenter ants, when they begin to decay. Carpenter ants usually build their nests on wood, so they could invade your wooden fence if it's not well maintained. Many of these ants survive or subsist on decaying wood. Those hiding on your wooden fence can easily find their way into your house. If not controlled in good time, carpenter ants can cause severe damage to your property. You should contact pest control experts in good time to get rid of the ants.

Ants Are Seeking Protection from Extreme Weather

Of course, you may not have foodstuffs that could attract ants to your property. However, these pests may consider your home a good shelter for them. Remember that even ants are looking for something that could protect them from harsh weather conditions. Typically, most homeowners experience ant infestations during the hot season or when there are heat waves or floods in your area.

Improper Food Storage

Many ant species get attracted to starchy and sugary foods. So if you don't store yours properly, perhaps in sealed cans, they might attract ants to your house. The food doesn't have to be spilled around or exposed for the ants to locate them. As long as they are stored in open or poorly sealed containers, they will serve as an attractant.

Foods in plastic cereal bags or paper sacks easily attract ants because they don't seal firmly as plastic or glass vases. So if you have foodstuffs in your pantry, ensure they are stored in properly sealed containers. But just in case the ants have already invaded your storeroom, contact a pest control company soonest possible.

Accessible Water Sources

Like other animals, ants get thirsty and are always busy looking for accessible water sources. Actually, they require moisture to live. If there are water puddles all over your home, you might often experience ant problems. Also, undetected leaks in your plumbing could also attract ants to your home. So, ensure you avoid standing water and puddles that could invite ants into your home. If you already have an ant problem, consider hiring a reputable pest control company to exterminate them.

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