Ridding Your Home of Insects

Mice Control: Why It's Necessary

by Ted Miller

If you have a warm place, access to food, and any type of water source, there's a chance that you might have mice. It doesn't matter if you have pets around since mice are great navigators and will simply hide where other pets cannot get into them. Since mice can squeeze into any space they can fit their heads into, they can easily skip away and hide from cats, dogs, and other animals in your home that would like to make a meal of them.

Mice control is just something you have to deal with if you are a homeowner, and should always be given a priority once you spot a single mouse in your home. A mice control specialist will come to your home and use proper measures to get rid of mice in the way you see fit, be it humane removal or some other method. Why is this necessary? Here are just a few reasons why.

Mice are dangerous intruders

Mice are masters of intrusion and can squeeze into your home under a door or in any exposed crack that can lead outside. Mice eat electrical wires that can cause expensive electrical issues or fires, make nests between walls that can lead to fires or a more massive mouse infestation, carry diseases that can make people sick if they were to get bitten by a mouse or eat something contaminated, and leave feces and urine trails anywhere they go.

If you see a single mouse in your home and you're not intimated, let this be a warning to you that you should indeed be concerned. One mouse means you may have many, and without mice control, your home and family can be in danger.

Mice are voracious breeders

Mice breed at an incredible rate, and if they're doing this in the wild it's no big deal. A single mouse giving birth in or around your property is a bigger issue indeed. A single mouse can produce up to 60 babies in a single year, and those babies will have their own offspring within that year as well. This is because mice are prey animals and massive reproduction is key to their species' survival.

This is great for the mouse but not great for the homeowner because a mouse problem can quickly become an infestation. So, if you see one mouse assume you have several and call for a mice control professional to come and assess your situation as quickly as you can get a consult scheduled.