Ridding Your Home of Insects

Three Pest Control Services To Consider For Your New Apartment

by Ted Miller

Moving to a new apartment generally results in crunch time. You have to pack up and clean your old place on time in order to get your deposit back for your apartment. You will also need to set up your apartment as quickly as possible so that you can easily resume your regular schedule. Before you make the leap from one apartment to another, you should get pest control services for the new place. Here are three pest control services that you should consider for the new apartment. 

Get bug bombs released

There is almost no way to be sure if there are or are not bugs in the new place before moving in. There is always the possibility that prior tenants have bugs. If neighbors developed a bug problem, the insects can also migrate from next door. In order to get rid of any possible problem, you should have the home bug bombed before you move in. Bug bombing kills any insects and bugs, plus leaves the trail inside of the home. This way, it is likely that bugs will die when they enter shortly after the bombs were set as well. 

Spray down the windows and doors

Windows and doors are the spaces where you are likely to find bugs entering. Hire a pest control service to spray around the home including the windows and doors. This will keep any critters at bay until you are able to figure out if any seals need to be replaced. The service will be able to use stronger products than store-bought pest sprays, which will work much better for your home. If it is winter time, you may need to get a few followup sprays as bugs may be looking for a warm space to nest. 

Have the gutters and the HVAC checked

Bugs and critters can nest in a number of different places. This includes the gutters that may be over your front door and near your patio area. It also includes your HVAC unit. Have a pest control service check these areas for possible bugs and spray around the area to get rid of any possible nesting. If there are nests, they will need to be removed and the area cleaned before the pest spray is applied so that it will work at its best. Once the HVAC unit is cleaned, the smell of the home will be better as well.